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The Flower Farmers

Happy you are here! My name is Carmen and my wonderful business partner/ mother's name is Sherri. We are the farmers behind all the flower magic of Piggly Petals! Our farm flourished from my mother and I's fascination of flowers and nature. A question we get quite often, is how did we choose the name, Piggly Petals? Can be quite a tongue twister.  Funny enough, our little hobby farm started with a little garden bed and a pig pen with 4 pigs! Raising pigs and flowers is what we loved, and one day while feeding the pigs, piggly came to me and the rest fell into place. The name stuck and now we just roll with it. One day we hope to bring pigs back on the farm! Finding our way has been a journey, but here we are loving every moment and SO happy at the direction we are headed with the farm. Here is a little bit about Sherri and I, and if you see us on the farm this summer, don't hesitate to say hi! 



Hi there! Im Carmen, and that is my wonderful daughter Maggie. My passion for growing cut flowers come from many years at MSU studying Horticulturegoing abroad in Ireland, working on Mackinac Island, and having an amazing flower mentor!

I shared my flower passion with my mother during my summers home from college. We started our little hobby farm in 2018 and I have put my all into growing our little farm. Even though my heart has gone into growing cut flowers, my real passion is in floral design. I have always been very artistic, loving anything from watercolor to drawing to ceramics. Floral design is a way I can incorporate my love of art with my passion of flowers and create stunning designs. The way the colors and textures flow together can be truly amazing.

Every season, we have slowly been able to transform and grow the farm into a business I truly believe in. Through these years, I have designed our logo, created our website form scratch, developed many farm plans and seed sowing schedules, and have created a business that we love! You can catch me drinking iced coffee, harvesting flowers and designing with my daughter at my side, on any summer day on the farm. 



Hi, I'm Sherri!  My passion for flower farming sparked when my daughter would come home from college sharing her new passion about flower farming. I have always had a creative side to me as crafting and long-arm quilting has been a fondness of mine for many years. Therefore, coming from a very creative background, I was sucked in. I loved learning all about sustainable cut flowers and growing our own mini ecosystem here on our property. I started diving in, in 2018 and haven't stopped since. I have started thousands of seeds in my spare bedroom, and put my heart and soul in growing our spectacular

blooms.  I didn't realize how much love I had for growing such beautiful flowers. Nature truly inspires me. 

After the passed few years of putting my all into our little flower farm, my husband retired in 2022.  Another dream of ours was to travel,  especially to escape these Michigan winters. We decided to sell the farm to my daughter, Carmen, and her husband. Making the leap, my husband and I bought a traveling 5th-wheel and have been on the move ever since. We do come back and visit in the summer months so you'll find me weeding garden beds, and having picnics with my grand baby! 

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