Piggly Petals


We couldn't do it without our Flower Team! They are the heart of the business and we are so thankful for everything that they do! 


Meet Sherri! She is fueled by her passion for flowers. You will find Sherri outside as she is always 


Meet Carmen! A MSU Horticulture graduate, Carmen is driven by her love of nature and flowers. You will find her outside with a cup of coffee    

Jeff and Chris

Jeff is our top guy when it comes to maintenance. His growing knowledge of compost tea and soil amendments will help Piggly Petals continue to cultivate beautiful blooms.


Meet Stacey! She has a passion for floral design and has been an amazing addition to our design team! Her skills are ideal with the development of Piggly Petals.

Marissa & Sam

Our farm photographers!  

They capture the beauty of our flowers!


The farm dog! We are glad to have this goofball on our crew. She thinks she is the star of the farm and everyone comes to see her!