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First Signs of Spring!

Spring has arrived here at Piggly Petals Flower Farm!

After a few long winter months and the uncertainty that covid-19 has brought upon us, the signs of spring and warmer weather gives us a sense of hope. Gardening is our therapy on the farm and we want to share with you the steps we take as the days start to get longer and the sun shines warmer!

As the weather warms, we are starting to see some specs of green popping up in all our flower gardens! This is an exciting moment but also means that we have much to do (yikes)! Early spring is the time that we start our seed trays, spring clean up, and preparing the soil with amendments for planting. This is our 3rd growing season and we have learned so much these past few years!

During my daily walk around the farm, I am able to notice life in our perennials as sprouts begin to peak out from the soil. It is an amazing sight to see! Some of the many perennials you will find on the farm include; Peonies, Lavender, Sedum, Bluebells, Lily of the Valley, Veronica, Yarrow, Asparagus, Blackberry & Raspberry bushes, Lady's Mantle, Iris, Daisies, Salvia, ..... etc. Our perennial collection grows every spring/fall! It is fascinating to see the difference from one season to another as each plant grows just a little bigger and produces just a little more harvestable blooms!

Besides our perennials, we have many other flowers starting to peak out from under the soil. In the fall of each season, we direct seed cold hardy plants, Tulips, Allium, and Daffodils. When growing bulbs as cut flowers, the bulbs are planted each fall and are dug back up in the following spring. We will go more into depth about our cold hardy plants and fall planting bulbs!

Let the happiness start to grow!


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