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Happy Holidays!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

We are ending this season with a huge THANK YOU! It was a crazy year with many bumps in the road. But the support everyone has given us means the world. We are looking forward to an even better season next year!

The last open day for The Flower House is today (12-23)! We were so busy this winter season harvesting the greens, collecting pinecones, and making all these beautiful wreaths and winter arrangements for you! Finally, after many bandaids later, we are officially calling it our first successful winter with The Flower House. We have so many ideas for next year and we can't wait!

Our Flower House is located on our flower farm and will be open almost everyday during our growing seasons! Our farm stand is self-serve only. This means we follow the honest policy as there is a cashbox on site and we provide our Venmo/ PayPal also. We are usually outside planting, weeding, or feeding the chickens. Please remember not to hesitate to ask questions if you have any, we'd love to meet you!

We added some Aromatherapy products to our Flower House too! Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help improve the mind, body, and spirit. These include bath salts, room sprays, and sniffers that each have a special blend of essential oils to achieve the desired healing properties you are looking for! We have also added some handcrafted necklaces, bee revival keychains, and dried herbs. These are perfect for little stocking stuffers!

We have lots of projects to finish before we start the seedlings in March! We hope everyone has a safe and healthy winter and we look forward to a great season next year!

Merry Christmas!

Carmen & Sherri


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