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Hello July!

June, where'd you go?

Spring has come and gone... bye, bye Peonies... we will miss you!

As July has snuck up on us, we are scrambling around the farm chasing cats, pulling weeds, collecting eggs, planting, harvesting, and drinking coffee in the afternoon (that's normal, right?)! This is a busy time of year as we are slowly falling behind and our to-do list keeps getting longer. As I wish flower farming was just playing with flowers and watching the bees, it is a never ending job! But we enjoy ever minute and it is SO rewarding to see the smiles on our customers faces when they receive their flowers.

We are seeing a lot of green at the farm, but in a week or two everything will be loaded with BLOOMS. We have Snapdragons, Zinnias, Statice, Basil, Rudbeckia, and many more that are beginning to bloom! As the weather has been extremely warm this year, the weeds are out of control! The use of black plastic helps SO much, but the weeds still pop up wherever they please. Our main goal as of now is keeping weeds down to let the flowers flourish!

We are harvesting every morning so we can guarantee your flowers are fresh when you receive them! Grab a bouquet today to see the flowers that are blooming this week:) You won't be disappointed!

Stay safe flower friends!

Carmen, Sherri, and Paisley


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