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It's Peony Time!

This is the time of season for PEONIES!

Our Peonies were blooming like crazy a few weeks ago! This was an exciting time as we hustle around the farm harvesting buds before they open. Using Peonies as a cut flower, we don't won't the flowers to be fully open upon harvest! We harvest at the "marshmallow stage", where they are still closed but squishy like a marshmallow.

After harvest, they are stored dry in the cooler for a month or so! How amazing is that? Storing dry means that they are not put in water at all! That way you are able to have Peonies in your bouquets till JULY!

Another one of my Spring favorites is Stock! Our hoop house was loaded with these in the beginning of June. The sweet aroma surrounded the farm felt so magical We are waiting on our second succession to bloom here in a few weeks!

Stay tuned for all the beautiful flowers that will be blooming this summer. This is only the beginning!



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