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The faces behind the flowers..

Piggly Petals is a mother-daughter flower farm that was flourished from the love they both have for flowers and their community!

Hello there!!

My name is Carmen and that lovely chick to the left, is my mother, Sherri. And we are the farmers of Piggly Petals Flower Farm! But if I had to be honest, at the end of the day we couldn't have done it without the help of our family and friends. So as we always say, we are mother-daughter owned but POWERED by family.

I have noticed that it is so easy to hide behind the flowers and the photos taken of our blooms on the farm. So I wanted to take the time to introduce the flower farmers of Piggly Petals and the background on why we started the farming of flowers:)

My mom and I have shared similar hobbies and interests for as long as I can remember. We have always been attracted to art, gardening, and crafts. So it was a matter of time before we discovered our passion for flowers! In the Spring of 2018, I graduated from MSU with a degree in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. Throughout my years at State, I gained an abundance of knowledge for farming from The Student Organic Farm & Michigan Flower Farm. Returning home every summer, I was eager to share my insight on flowers and farming with my mom. It was just a matter of time before we both were engrossed into books and dreaming of harvesting our first bunch of flowers!

We dreamt of cultivating our own cut flowers and spreading the joy that flowers hold. We decided to began our flower journey the summer after I graduated. The name Piggly Petals was formed because of the pigs we were raising on the farm at that time. Our passion for livestock and flowers gave us the idea to incorporate both in our farm name. As we don't have pigs on our flower farm today, they will be introduced back on the farm someday in the future! Here is a photo of the love we gave our little piggies!!

As we continue on our journey of flowers, you will find us roaming around the gardens looking for weeds, harvestable blooms or in our garden shed designing!

Keep on growing!

Carmen & Sherri


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