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Celebrate the warmer days with a bouquet of TULIPS

Tulips are such exceptional flowers that are often overlooked! They create very whimsical arrangements as they tend to bend and extend towards light, which is called "phototrophic". They gracefully twist and turn and create their very own unpredictable (yet exciting) design. I thought this is an excellent time to give you a run down on the process of growing Tulips at our farm! Here at Piggly Petals, we fell for the unique specialty varieties which may have a sweet fragrant smell or may even resemble a peony! The options are endless and we continue to have a new "favorite" every season. Tulips never cease to impress:)

As you may know, Tulip bulbs are planted in the Fall and begin to bloom in the Spring. As we grow Tulips for cut flowers, there are a few steps that we go through to ensure the production of these flowers are efficient and productive. Here is a little "behind the scene" action on our Tulip production!

  • We plant Tulips bulbs very close to each other (only a few inches apart). Maximizing space efficiently is very important for cut flowers! They are planted in trenches, watered, then covered with 6in. of soil.

  • When it comes time to harvest, we keep a close eye on the Tulips. Harvesting at the right time is very important to ensure the quality for storage and vase life. Tulips are pulled as soon as they show signs of color. We pull the ENTIRE plant (bulb and all). As the Tulips are still connected to their food source, there's no need to place them in water till after they are cut. Therefore, they are stored "dry" in our cooler until they are needed for bouquets!

  • Tulips open FAST. So we keep an eye on them all day. As soon as the Tulips show some color, they are pulled before they start to open. If they are open upon harvesting, they won't store for very long, so perfect timing is key!

Tulips are the symbol of Early Spring! Don't miss out on your opportunity to experience the magic that Tulips bring into your home! Take a look at our websites online store as our Tulip bouquets will be available for purchase! We provide two options, one is Farm Pick-up where we will have your bouquet ready and all you need to do is pick it up from our porch. OR we are providing delivery of wrapped bouquets within 20 miles from our farm!

Happy growing!



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