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4-week Bouquet Subscription - FARM PICK-UP


This subscription option is for FARM PICK-UP.


These floral bouquets are wrapped and prepared for the time discussed for pick-up. These bouquets are more than twice the size of our market bouquets and are perfect to keep at home or at work!


You will recieve a total of 4 wrapped bouquets, 1 bouquet per week.  (vases are not included)


The 4-week Subscription can start anytime you prefer...Our bloom season is between June-September.


  • Next Steps

    We will reach out to you via email approximately 3-5 days after purchase. We will then discuss the start date of your chosen subscription and any additional details needed.

    Please indicate if this is a GIFT. We will email a digital copy of a certificate explaining our Flower Subscription and the next steps for the recipient.


    • Trim bottom of stems (1/2 in.) and place directly in water
    • Flowers should not stay out of water for a long period of time
    • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight 
    • Flowers will kept longer if they are in a cool area
    • Trim bottom of stems and provide clean water every few days