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Workshop Classes

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While we love sharing our beautiful flowers with you all, we're passionate about creating a space where children & adults can learn, explore, and connect with nature in a meaningful way.

We are in the process of creating and developing a variety of engaging workshops and educational classes!  


Workshops of Wonders

Our workshops aim to reconnect our community with nature, providing hands-on experiences that inspire creativity and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Join us as we come together to learn, create, and grow! 

Check out our Mommy and Me Workshop for Mother's Day! 


Harvest & Design

Date: TBD


Join us for this beautiful class under the morning sun, hands-on and hearts open, to learn how to select and harvest flowers with care and intention. Capturing natures beauty, we will then let our creativity blossom as we indulge in the artistic art of floral design!   


Little Petals Garden Program 

Coming Soon in 2025!

 Join us as we ignite a lifelong love for nature in our little explorers. By fostering curiosity, wonder, and appreciation of the beauty of nature 

Their imagination will flourish as they explore and discover the world around them. From the joy of harvesting flowers & veggies, berry picking, exploring, and activities based around nature! 

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