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Reflecting on 2022 Season

The time has come where I get to snuggle inside with Maggie and focus on next years farm plans! Yes, that means fall cleanup is practically done! I can't help but reflect on this past season as we were able to share it with my daughter!

I would be lying if I said it didn’t have its challenges. We were booked up with weddings/events and I was figuring out my first year of motherhood with baby Maggie! I have to say though, I was a great summer. I loved sharing my passion of flowers with Maggie and believe me when I say, she was there for it all! She helped me design many weddings, plant seeds, harvest,... all of it. It was incredible watching her grow and learn during her first trip around the sun!

The start of the season was a bit delayed, as I feel like I took on a bit more than I could manage. With help of my wonderful family, it worked itself out and we had another successful year on the farm! I didn’t get to planting summer successions, was a little behind on weeding, and decided against any fall/winter projects. I need to remember that I can’t do everything, even if I want too:)

Looking into the next season coming up, I have decided to make a few changes with the farm. I will be taking a break from full service weddings/ events. I’m putting my focus on growing and providing beautiful fresh floral bouquets at our flower house. Giving myself more time to invest into our sustainable practices and, my main priority, sweet Maggie! This next season will be filled with beautiful blooms and I would love to host some small floral events here on the farm for all our flower enthusiasts! It will be a GREAT summer!

Cheers to a successful 2022 season! Thank you to everyone who has supported our little farm and help make it possible for us to continue spreading the happiness and joy that flowers bring :)



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