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Spring is Officially Here!

After the cold and rainy start to spring this year, I am SO happy to see Spring blooms. Not to mention we are finally able to start prepping our gardens to plant!

I felt as if we were running behind on garden work. So we have been slaving away for the past week or so to get caught up! Weeding is the first step in preparing the beds. Next is adding our compost and tilling. Once the bed is measured and raked, the black plastic is laid and secured with staples.

Black plastic assists with controlling weeds. We have several garden beds where we use black plastic as a type of weed suppressor. This allows us to plant hundreds of flowers in a small area. We have been slowly growing our garden beds and are now incorporating annual flowers in our perennial garden beds! This will be the first season that we will be expanding our flower production without the use of black plastic.

Last week, my husband and I installed our second hive! It is astonishing to watch these working bees do their thing. We check on them very often just to ensure no pests or problems have risen.

So many new things are happening on the farm this season! This weekend is our fist wedding of the season. A huge kickoff to a great wedding season :) Stay tuned for some beautiful blooms for one amazing couple!

As we are waiting on blooms, The Flower House will be closed till sometime in June! I will keep you all in the loop, as I know Mother's day weekend now felt like a tease.

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