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The wait is almost over!

What a crazy start to the season!

Cynthia Mae Photo

We have been SO busy here on the farm these past few weeks. I've been juggling farm duties and designing for events. This has occupied all my attention at the moment! I am so grateful that we have been busy and every bloom on the farm has been used so far. This weekend is our last big event, then we will be bringing you all some fresh flower bouquets!

Something I need to work on is capturing the floral designs we create! We had some beautiful wedding flowers, DIY buckets, and CSA bouquets, go out this past month that I completely forgot to take pictures of. Add it to my list of things to work on :)

Th next succession of our Stock is blooming and Snapdragons aren't far behind! Don't worry, the Peonies are saved for when we open the Flower House! They are tucked away in the cooler waiting to shine. Cant wait to share our blooms with you all!

We will be creating more beautiful event florals this weekend! Couldn't do it without my little assistant.

See you all soon!



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