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Farm Life Update!

We have a lot of new subscribers and I wanted to introduce ourselves and give a recent update of the happenings on the farm! A LOT has happened in just one year and we had a hard time keeping up! Now that we are, mostly, adjusted to both of our new norms, I will be more active, posting updates, and all kinds of information for you all to read. We are very excited to see how far we go this season.

For our new followers, my name is Carmen (on the right) and Sherri (on the left). We are the Flower Farmers behind Piggly Petals! Our small business started as a hobby in 2018 and has been growing ever since. We are now sharing beautiful blooms with our self serve farm stand and provide wedding floral services.

As a mother-daughter duo, we couldn't be a better team.

We had SO many changes and new obstacles to overcome in the past year! Last Spring, my husband and I bought my childhood home and the farm. As soon as we thought we were going to have a new house to ourselves, we found out we were expecting. We had baby girl 'M' in October. Now getting back to our busiest time of the season, I am excited to have our new helper on the farm.

My parents were transitioning into the retired life and bought a house on wheels! They traveled down south to escape the cold winter months of Michigan. You may notice the GIANT camper on our property in the summer months :)

Everything felt like it was happening at once and I was overwhelmed with so many different emotions.

Lets just say, I have been enjoying these few months watching little 'M' grow. I am ready to take on the challenges of this coming season! Sherri will be here just in time for the big Tulip harvest.

We appreciate the support we have had these past years.

Please stay tuned for more farm updates.

Happy Spring!

Carmen and Baby M!

*You can watch our farm bloom this season on Instagram @piggly_petals

See Facebook for self-serve farm stand updates as well (Piggly Petals Flower Farm.) Thank you!

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