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Hello Tulips

I have been patiently waiting to start harvesting Tulips this Spring! It is a huge kickoff to the growing season. As soon as the first batch is ready to be pulled, we hit the ground digging nonstop until November.

This past week I pulled hundreds of our early blooming specialty Tulips. Finally! It has been a cold spring so far, and these Tulips are later than normal. But I am so stoked that I'll have fresh flowers on my kitchen table!

I have been running around trying to get everything together for Mother's Day weekend. Garden beds need weeded and cleaned, shrubs need pruning, and plants need planted! And add a sick baby in the mix too, chaos!

Now for the important part everybody has in question!

The Flower House will be open Friday(5/6)-Sunday(5/8). From 9am- Sundown!

You will find our speciality Tulip Bouquets, potted herbs, necklaces, and other handcrafted items.

We are also taking orders for Tulips all throughout the week for pickup! Head to our online shop or message me, if interested!

See you all soon!



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